How much does it cost?

Don’t you hate it when a web site does not tell you how much their product or service costs. We can’t stand that. So, we try to make our pricing easy to find and easy to understand. So, how much does it cost to sell or assign your courses on eLearning Courses? The price is a one-time fee of $1 to sell or assign a package (a package is a collection of one or more courses) to one of your customers. If you use our integrated e-commerce engine to complete the sale, the cost is 5% of the purchase price. If you use your own e-commerce storefront to sell a package, there is a 0% transaction fee from us. Here are some examples:

  1. Sell one of your packages for $100 to one of your customers using our e-commerce link. The cost is $1 plus 5% of the transaction cost (in this case $5). Total cost is a one-time fee of $6.
  2. Assign one of your packages to one of your customers. The cost is a one-time fee of $1.
  3. Sell one of your packages for $100 to one of your customers using your e-commerce link from your e-commerce storefront. The cost is a one-time fee of $1.

We do have a minimum monthly charge of $29 per month. Every $1 you pay for selling or assigning a package comes out of that $29. So if you assign/sell 20 packages in June – the minimum monthly charge for June is $29. If you assign/sell 100 packages in July – the cost is $100 for July (you are past the monthly minimum – yay!). You can think of the $1 per package per user as being similar to mailing a teeny-tiny package to a customer. The $1 is a one-time fee to provide the package. All fees are in US dollars.

How to set the price for your course

You know you want to sell your courses online. But how do you pick the right price for your courses? Jeff Cobb, an expert in selling courses online has 10 tips to help you pick the best price.

  1. Be clear about your strategy – are you only selling courses or is selling courses part of your overall product, service or brand strategy?
  2. Work backwards – what is the value of your course to your customer?
  3. Create a new category – what is unique about your course that will set the right price for you and your customer?
  4. Change the point of reference – introduce a premium product as a way to drive the prices of all of your courses.
  5. Provide options – create a standard offering for the bulk of your customers plus basic and premium versions to serve other customers.
  6. Improve your packaging – close the deal by making your marketing content appealing and compelling with a clear call to action.
  7. Leverage scarcity and urgency – devise ways to limit the availability of your course to drive immediate action.
  8. Make discounts count – use them sparingly to reward loyal customers and to drive new business.
  9. Keep a “just testing” mindset – experiment with different price points and offerings to find out what works best.
  10. Just raise your prices already – increasing price may have now impact on sales volume with big impact on your bottom line.

Get more detail on picking the right price for your course from Jeff Cobb. eLearning Courses lets you set multiple price points for your courses with the “packages” feature. A package is a collection of one or more courses offered at the price you pick. Create your first package today and start making money selling your eLearning courses.