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You can create courses yourself using easy-to-use authoring tools and/or we can recommend experts to create courses for you.

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It's quick and easy to sign up today! No long term contracts. The cost is as low as $1 for each person who takes your course.

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After you sign up you can immediately upload your course to our cloud servers. Start delivering courses to your customers right away.

What's the cost?

After 30 days, we charge a minimum cost of $29 per month to host your courses.

We waive the monthly fee when you have 15 or more people take a course in that month. If you have 15-199 new course launches in a month, you pay $2 per person per course.

When you have 200+ new course launches in a month, you pay only $1 per user per course!

Use our eCommerce System

You keep 90% of the sales price if you use our eCommerce system. If you already have your own eCommerce site, you can sell courses from your site.

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Sell courses from our eCommerce system, your current eCommerce site or use offline payments.

Sell bundles of courses

eLearning Courses lets you sell a bundle of courses at the same cost as selling a single course.

Use our eCommerce site

Use our eCommerce system to sell courses from our site, your site or your blog. When customers use our eCommerce system, the courses will automatically be assigned to your customer after the purchase is complete.

Sell with your eCommerce site

You can use your existing eCommerce site to sell courses. When a sale is completed on your eCommerce site, just use the eLearning Courses portal to assign the course(s) to the customer.

Sell offline

Your customers may prefer to pay offline. No problem. After the customer pays, use the eLearning Courses portal to assign the course(s) to the customer.

Why pick us?

Rely on us

on us

We are internet experts. Our cloud servers have a 99.9% uptime. We scale to meet your needs. We keep your data safe and secure.

The eLearning Courses cloud servers are hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform. Azure is the leader in cloud-based business applications.

We constantly monitor the uptime, security and availability of our cloud servers. We handle all of the technical details so you can focus on selling courses and making money.

Dedicated to your success

to your success

You always own your courses. Our solution helps you create, sell and deliver your courses with flexible selling options.

We want to do everything we can to make you successful. We want you to grow your business because our success is totally tied to your success.

Let us know the features you need to be successful and we will build them for you.

Value for you

for you

Our competitors want a large percentage of your profits. With eLearning Courses, your cost is as low as $1 per user per course.

Our mission is provide the best value for you now and in the future. Our pricing starts low and stays low so you can build your business with confidence.

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